Kart racing at its best.

Xtreme Racing & Entertainment offers Kansas' premier kart racing experience. Race your friends at speeds approaching 45 MPH, just inches off the ground. Our asphalt racing surface is one of only a few in the country for indoor kart racing, so you can enjoy exciting, intense racing action.  "It's as close as you can get to real racing without being a real racer." - Russ Duggar, NASCAR/ARCA Series Professional

At Xtreme Racing & Entertainment, when you get behind the wheel, it sounds, looks exhilarates and feels like you're in the thick of a Formula 1® race. 

It's go time. See you at the finish line!

Speed Pass is BEST VALUE!

$50 total and includes 3 races, racer license and t-shirt.


5 Race Pack - $60 - Price per racer

8 Race Pack - $88 - Price per racer


Adult Races:

1 Race - $16 - Price per racer

3 Race - $39 - Price per racer

Racer License $7
-- Good for 1 year --


Junior Kart Races

1 Race - $12 

3 Races - $29 

Discounts available for active military personnel and their spouses.

**Junior Races do not run after 7:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.


Required Racer License: 

$7 *Includes head sock that they can keep, use of Xtreme's DOT certified helmets, and a free race to use if you visit on your birthday.


Age and height requirements

You must be 6 years old to drive the junior karts and at least 48 inches tall. To drive the adult karts, you must be 12 years old and at least 58 inches tall.  All drivers may be subject to a kart fitting to make sure they can operate the karts safely.


The Track

We have one asphalt track that gives you more grip for more rip. Featuring advanced corners, pedal-punching straightaways and pinched turns that will eat your lunch if you're not careful, so you'll have to find that perfect racing line to keep your lap times low.

Know the Rules

During your race, the Track Marshal will be displaying different flags to keep you safe and informed about what’s happening on the track. Please learn their meaning and obey the Track Marshal to have the best racing experience possible.

Green Flag
Go! Race has started.
Yellow Flag
A specific driver has been noticed by the track marshal for not following the rules.
Blue Orange Flag
Faster kart is approaching. Let them pass.
Checkered Flag
Finish line.

Xtreme has a “no bumping” policy. The driver is ultimately in control of the kart, but if for any reason we see someone making excessive contact with other racers or barriers, they will be asked to stop immediately. We want your race to be both exciting and safe, so please be courteous to other racers and listen to the Track Marshals at all times.  This is not a ride, the driver is responsible for operating the kart.